Total Teamwear – Privacy Notice

Total Teamwear is committed to protecting your privacy when handling your data and also ensuring we maintain high standards of cyber security in order to protect your data whilst we hold it.

Data is collected when you contact us for a quotation, more information or to place an order.

We only store the minimum amount of data so we can efficiently process these enquiries and orders on your behalf, this includes:

  1. Contact name
  2. Company or organisation name
  3. Invoice address
  4. Delivery address if different to invoice address
  5. Phone number landline and /or mobile
  6. Email address
  7. Your logo information

Your data is never sold on to other organisations and we would only ever use it to communicate with you regarding the products you have purchased or enquired about along with similar relevant items which may be of interest.

We generally communicate once a month regarding any special offer products, products that have a seasonal relevance or products that are required in order to comply with current Health & Safety requirements. This communication is mostly done via email or occasionally post and we do it in order to keep you informed and aware of products that could be of a legitimate interest.

If you do not wish to receive these ongoing communications either by email or post then please let us know and we will remove you from the relevant mailing lists.

If you wish to obtain confirmation of what data we hold for you again please contact us and we will provide it by return.

If you wish to be permanently removed from our database please let us know and we will delete your data record.

Contact us regarding data:

Chris Davies – Managing Director
Total Teamwear
47-49 Queens Rd
GU11 3JE

Total Teamwear Cyber Security

We are committed to ensuring our IT infrastructure is kept up to date and secure at all times and we invest substantially in order to achieve this.

We have a comprehensive UTM firewall at our offices which protects the internet connection.

We have hacking/anti virus/malware protection by VIPRE on our servers.

We have hacking/anti virus/malware protection by VIPRE on our individual PC’s.

Our servers & PC’s are all password protected, staff are trained and kept aware on matters relating to PC & email security.

We keep our OS Software current with updates & patches.

Our email is protected by Mailcleaner filtering and also Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection.

All data held on our servers is backed up offsite using MOZY which encypts the data on our devices, whilst in transit and when stored on MOZY’s servers. All of their data centres are ISO27001 certified.

Contact us regarding cyber security:

Chris Davies – Managing Director
Total Teamwear
47-49 Queens Rd
GU11 3JE

Tel: 01252 337171


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